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SPDR - Disaster Preparedness & Security

For assistance on how to best utilize these resources for your localized needs, please contact

SPDR's 12 Steps to Church Disaster Preparedness Plan

SPDR’s 12 Steps to Building Resilience Plan

Considerations for Receiving & Disbursing Disaster Response Funds ( o

This website offers a wide variety of resources to educate and empower individuals and families to appropriately prepare for disasters. Spanish language resources are available. This website is designed to help you:




Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (


PDA has developed resources specifically tailored to the needs of congregations and presbyteries, including: 

  • A resource manual for congregations and mid councils

  • Disaster preparedness checklist for the local congregation

  • Disaster preparedness checklist for mid councils

  • Liturgical and Bible Study Resources for Disaster Preparedness

  • PDA's Emotional and Spiritual Care Offerings 

FEMA’s Nonprofit Security Grant Program (


The Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP) provides funding support for nonprofit 

organizations, including churches and houses of worship, to improve public safety and security. 



CISA’s Protecting Houses of Worship



 The U.S. Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency is committed to supporting 

efforts to maintain safe and secure houses of worship and related facilities while sustaining an open and welcoming environment. 

Request a Disaster Preparedness Trainer and/or Speaker


SPDR/PDA personnel and trained volunteers are available to meet (in-person and virtually) with congregations, presbyteries, and groups to:

  • Guide disaster preparedness planning and implementation 

  • Offer disaster recovery updates and Minute for Missions 

  • Provide Emotional/Spiritual Care programs

  • Church safety training


To request a trainer or speaker, please contact Kathy at

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