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Communications Services Plan

Seizing a unique opportunity to tell your  exceptional story of feeding the seeds of ministry and mission to the broader culture.
How do you want to connect, equip & empower in more effective ways?

Recent news stories about foreign entities interfering in other entities’ infrastructure might be a clarion call for the church, for it unmistakably shows the power of Social Media and its influence in our culture. Churches, Presbyteries, and innovative event coordinators who are not using online resources effectively are understood as literally “silent”, particularly to the demographic with whom the Presbyterian church most resonates.

When we can speak into multiculturalism, peace and justice, diversity, equality, and disaster relief in a timely and profound way, the broader culture sees the church being the church.

When mid-councils engage the community across multiple platforms in a cost-effective manner, they are in a position to reclaim and redeem the word “church” to be a community of friends who welcome without condition, serve the community as a neighbor, and advocate fiercely for the oppressed.

Additionally, mid-councils are in a unique position to nurture and care for their constituents (elders, deacons, members, ministers) by relating not only relevant information but also by the simple act of care and tending, via different electronic platforms, thus providing an additional component of pastoral care.


The Communication Services Plan, offered by the Synod of Sun, is a cost-effective way to use these online platforms. Additionally, our service is unique to your needs:

  • We are Presbyterian; we speak Reformed language, inclusion, mission, and faithful response.  We are able to effectively share what the PC(USA) community values. 

  • We understand ministry opportunities, pastoral care, and disaster response are often not on a business hours schedule, therefore, we are on standby when an immediate response is warranted.

  • We value the diversity of local geographies, cultures, and values. Be it urban, rural, multicultural, missional, or unique ministry settings, we tailor messages that reflect your Presbytery.


So, the question is this: How do you want to connect, equip, and empower in more effective ways?

Configuring your Communication Services Plan

The Synod Communications Coordinator will meet with you (either in person or via video) and work directly with an assigned committee and/or person from the presbytery to develop a formal Communications Plan for the presbytery.  If the synod is contracted to implement that plan, the Coordinator will meet on a regular basis throughout the year to discuss tweaks to the plan. That plan could include any or all the following. Please note that services can be grouped together for an additional discount. 

A NOTE ABOUT PLATFORM CONTINUITY - Having continuity across platforms (website, social media, e-mail) will create a seamless “voice” across channels. See the chart below for pricing discounts and plans.

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