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A Synod of the Sun Network is formed around a specific and creative purpose, mission, or ministry project enabling relationships and mission opportunities not possible within a single presbytery.  Each network chooses its priorities, leaders, and implements its own activities. Each network requires a covenant relationship with the synod whereby the synod becomes a partner in ministry and mission. The Synod of the Sun offers its resources of connection, consultation, and communication along with limited funding and administrative support.


The Planning Guide

The Synod’s mission is to serve Christ by connecting, equipping, and empowering Presbyterians for Christ’s mission within and beyond the Synod’s bounds.


The Planning Guide itself is provided to all levels of the church for various purposes that may not include becoming a Synod Network. Once completed, the Network Planning Guide along with the Covenant of Partnership may be submitted for consideration for endorsement as a Network of the Synod of the Sun.


As you read through the Planning Guide or enter into discussion with members or partners of your ministry, we invite you to connect with the synod by asking questions about the process, what it might mean for you and your partners, and in what ways the synod can assist.

The Purpose of the Guide

This is a tool for discernment and planning to be used by any Church, presbytery, or synod committee. Completion of the “Planning” Section of the guide will help us to understand the partnership’s identity, the purpose you have discerned your work to be, and the ways in which God is calling you to carry that out.

The “Evaluation” Section of the guide should be updated as your project, event, or ministry progresses. Evaluating the impact of your project and providing recommendations can assist future Networks. 

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